In the early 1960’s, Albert Costantine and a partner of his, W.H. Truesdell, formed a company called Maryland Fried Chicken, Inc. (the “Company”) and began operating a fast food style fried chicken restaurant under the same name. A short time later, Albert's brothers, Richard and Angelo, moved to Florida from Delaware and bought out Mr. Truesdell’s share of the Company. For some time thereafter the Company was operated by the brothers Albert, Richard, and Angelo Costantine. Numerous Maryland Fried Chicken restaurants were opened as franchises in the 1960's and 1970's. After building a successful franchise system, the Costantine brothers sold the Company.

Unfortunately, the Company was dissolved more than twenty years ago with Richard retaining ownership of a Maryland Fried Chicken restaurant in Orlando, Florida. You may still see a few independently owned and operated Maryland Fried Chicken restaurants from the old franchise system.

Both Albert and Angelo eventually got out of the Maryland Fried Chicken business altogether, but Richard Costantine is the only one who continuously carried the family tradition and the same delicious Maryland Fried Chicken secret recipe to the people for nearly fifty years. Richard Costantine's Maryland Fried Chicken - now located in Leesburg, Florida - still provides authentic Maryland Fried Chicken to this day. Richard's two sons, Michael and Anthony Costantine, have operated his restaurant with him side-by-side for nearly thirty years and are now exclusively launching the authentic Maryland Fried Chicken Franchise to multiple areas.
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